Free Time

We started with a simple goal. We wanted more people to "Have More Fun Together." With Free Time, you and all of your friends can spend more time together with less hassle. Our app is designed to simplify personal time management and streamline group planning. We want you to spend less time figuring out when you can have fun and more time actually doing so. We combined a dedicated self planner with a secure, cloud based network to cover every aspect of scheduling. Whether you're planning out your own events offline, or looking online for the best time to get together with a group, Free Time was built with you in mind.

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Designed for everyone with everything in mind.

Plan Ahead

Compare every friend's schedule in the group with one easy click!

No Charge

Use every single feature for free without any pesky ads!

Stay Connected

Connect with friends using contacts, social media, or in-app invitations!

Keep Talking

In-app messaging makes planning easier and brings people closer!

Live Secure

Complex encription means every user profile is safe & secure!

Reliable Cloud

Cloud backups to ensure all scheduled dates & events are remembered!

Your Choice

Decide who can see your schedule based on the event!

Look Around

See all your local venues displayed right in the app!


Explore the journey from concept to creation.


Connect with the developer of Free Time.

My name is Bart Peluso, and I am a recent graduate from Texas State University. I majored in Digital Media Innovation after spending three years studying at Texas State. Graduating with honors at 20 years old, I am one of the youngest graduates from the School of Mass Comm. For my major's capstone class, taught by Dr. Cindy Royal, I was tasked with creating an app concept and evolving it through multiple assignments. I created Free Time to streamline the proccess of personal scheduling & group planning. From my concept, we got into groups and wrote out an in-depth research project examining all the aspects of product development. Then, individually, I created a prototype presentation and turned that into an interactive webpage. Another class I took this past semseter, Mobile Media Developement (also taught by Dr. Royal), had me produce an app for that final. From that task, I created the idea of the developemnt cycle for Free Time and figured I would connect the two classes and code Free Time (Bronze Build). I plan to finish developing the entire app post graduation.

Bart Peluso

Senior Lead Designer


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